2. "I’m already a bundle of sins. Adding one more won’t change anything."
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    Good morning.

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    100% ART

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    Amen .. Thank you for sending this one over to me 💋

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    Thumb suckers. Yum.

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  10. somethingsluttythiswaycums! This, you need this.

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    The Nookie Swoosh. Bahahahaaaa

    I seriously just sang that to the tune of “Beat It.”

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    Sometimes i just want this.
    ~no words~

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    been beavering away today, creating new treasures for the shop!

    here are two lariat-style necklaces, that turn into leads/leashes, or choke collars. as with the naughty necklaces, the chains on these are quite strong. unlike the naughty  necklaces, the circle bits are not as delicate, so can withstand a bit more tug.

    when the fancier circles are worn lower on the chest, they give the appearance of innocent lariat necklaces, so none will be the wiser. (aside from fellow kinksters, that is.)

    they are not in the shop just yet, but both shall be soon. currently there is only one of the shiny available, with the probability of one more in the future. there will be three of the antiqued brass (which i love, love, love) for sale. sadly, that is all. i’ll still offer this style of naughty jewellery, just not those exact fancy circles.

    i’ll let you know when they’ve been listed. 

    xxx w.

    LOVE THESE…..hunt hint Husband.

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